Single-Rooms are sold out!

Please note, that our single-rooms are sold out! We already have some of you on our waiting-list (those got informed individually).
So please consider sharing your room with a mate. You know, our claim is: Inspiring People To Share! ;)

Your friend/partner is welcome too, also if he/she does not have a connection to the TYPO3 universe, even if he/she is "non-techy", we just refuse kids and animals.


Official Registration for T3BOARD17


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Single-room rate:
Explanation: we are able to offer single-rates. But please keep in mind that in case of lacking places, single-room bookings will be ranked back. We want to give as many people as possible the chance to participate! Thanks for your understanding! - Waiting list already filled! To be sure you could attend, please share your room!
Explanation: You may mention which mates you would prefer. Please note that we will do our best but can't guarantee for your wished mates.
Explanation: We are able to offer you different kinds of skipasses, although our special rate for the skipass is only for the 6-days package.
There are Skipasses available for 2, 3 and 4 days e.g. and they are of course slightly cheaper (our special rate and conditions only apply to the 6-days skipass!). Please inform yourself about the possibilties on the according website linked left-side and add an according remark to the textarea above.
Calculation: Take the rate without skipass and add the official skipass-rates and you will get your final price (to be confirmed by our agency).
No Skipass (rate will then be about € 609,-):

Clarification: Default Package at EUR 799,-

After some questions of people, having problems to get the clue what is included, the default rate with EUR 799,- includes the following (at a short):

  • 7 (seven) nights stay in 4* hotel (Sunday to Sunday) with 2 or more mates
  • Half-Boarding (in German: Halbpension)
  • All taxes
  • A 6-days skipass (Monday to Saturday) at a special rate, good for 4 skiingregions in all.