Just because SECURITY matters!

To say a  big "THANK YOU" to the security team of TYPO3, we at Riccabona eSolutions decided to sponsor a member of TYPO3 Team!

We sponsor EUR 400,- to the default-rate for one team-member of the TYPO3 Security Team when attending T3BOARD17, which means there are only EUR 399,- left. The decision should be made in the team and must be made transparent to us (not bindingly to the public). The democratically elected team-member must have been a member till 31st of August 2016 and will get refunded the formerly mentioned amount of EUR 400,-.  The sponsoring is only available to registrants after 6th of September 2016 and is only availble as long as we have beds available.

We invite all people who have the same opinion (Security Matters!), to join us and sponsor more members of the TYPO3 Security Team!

In doubt? Get in contact with us here: https://t3board17.typo3.org/sponsoring/


With cudos from Tyrol,

Clemens R.